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Luxury Guest House In New Orleans

Maison de la Luz: A Luxury Guest House in New Orleans

the entrance of maison de la luz a luxury hotel in new orleans

Maison de la Luz is a luxury guest house located in the heart of New Orleans. 

Inspired by the traditional Southern guest house, Maison de la Luz is imbued with elements of luxury, grace, and a bit of rebellion, extending the pleasures of New Orleans in a relaxed and elevated environment for discerning travelers. A  luxury guest house in New Orleans, Maison de la Luz was designed in partnership with the acclaimed design studio Studio Shamshiri, with 67 rooms replete with the quiet delights of Southern swoon. Since our opening in 2019, Maison de la Luz has become renowned as the best luxury hotel in New Orleans. 

Experience the best luxury hotel in New Orleans, where history and design unite.  

Housed in a beautiful, historic building that was once an annex for New Orleans’ City Hall, Maison de la Luz preserves original architectural elements like the stone walls and ornate staircase, while adding layers that engage all senses. Built in 1908 on Carondelet Street (named after the governor Francisco Luis Hector de Carondelet), the structure was conceived by architect General Allison Owen. The generous space evokes timeless Southern architecture, while detailed touchpoints endear a feeling of intimacy, signaling a residential guest house. The ambiance offers far more than a typical stay at a fancy hotel in New Orleans. Maison de la Luz is a luxury guest house in New Orleans.

Delight in the splendor of Maison de la Luz, a luxury guest house in New Orleans. 

Maison de la Luz’s guest rooms are generous in spirit, offering bespoke luxuries in the form of custom designed settees, a zodiac table, fine, scalloped-edged linens, and a hand-embroidered crest on the bed’s coverlay. Long windows, hand-selected minibar offerings, and elegant chandeliers add to the thoughtful composition of easy luxury, featuring high-touch details and original artworks. The grand, four-fixture bathrooms enhance the elevated experience, with luxury amenities, custom four-color marble floor tiles and beautifully sculptural shower handles in the form of a serpent. This unique blend of art and luxury is what makes Maison de la Luz the best luxury guest house in New Orleans. 


Let our guest house envelope you in comfort and easy luxury. Maison de la Luz is the perfect sanctuary to discover the magic of New Orleans. For more NOLA inspiration, follow us on Instagram @maisondelaluz