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New Orleans Luxury Hotel

New Orleans Luxury Hotel
Credit: Stephen Kent Johnson

Maison de la Luz is a luxury hotel in New Orleans.

Maison de la Luz is a New Orleans luxury hotel from Atelier Ace. A place for reverie and proper Southern swoon, for prophetic visions or quiet inspiration, Maison de la Luz finds beauty in the curious and defines luxury as moving through the world with grace. With 67 resplendent suites, private sanctuaries and bespoke concierge service, Maison de la Luz is a lighthouse for the senses, reverent of elegance, irreverent of convention and is marked by generosity of spirit. Since our opening in 2019, Maison de la Luz has become renowned as the best luxury hotel in New Orleans.

Maison de la Luz redefines the New Orleans luxury hotel experience.

The Deluxe Studio Suites at Maison de la Luz are between 580 sq ft of warmth and soft light, featuring a living room replete with high-touch details, a king bed set with a custom crest and generous closet space. Old world luxury makes room for modern conveniences with state-of-the-art technology and there’s bespoke toiletries in the beautiful four-fixture bathroom. Guest rooms envelop visitors in a cloud of comfort and light, offering far more than a typical stay at any other fancy hotel in NOLA.

Maison de la Luz sets a new standard for the New Orleans luxury hotel.

Inspired by traditional Southern guest houses, Maison de la Luz is imbued with elements of luxury, grace and a bit of rebellion, extending the pleasures of New Orleans in a relaxed and elevated environment for discerning travelers. The design focus of Maison de la Luz was inspired by New Orleans’ rich trove of art, history, mystery, nature and culture. Here luxury takes the form of beauty and discretion. Maison de la Luz is a rare gem as a New Orleans luxury hotel.


Maison de la Luz is the perfect New Orleans luxury hotel to discover the magic of New Orleans. For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram @maisondelaluz