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Private Hotel Experience

Private Hotel Experience

Maison de la Luz offers a private hotel experience in New Orleans.

Maison de la Luz is a distinctive luxury hotel located in New Orleans. A place for reverie, quiet inspiration and proper Southern swoon, Maison de la Luz is a fully private, guest-only property whose 67 suites and resplendent sanctuaries serve as an elegant backdrop to weddings and private events of all kinds, including full property buyout.

Revel in the luminosity of Maison de la Luz, a luxurious private hotel experience.

The private, guest-only Living Room at Maison de la Luz is a stately lounge for relaxation where guests can enjoy nightly wine and cheese or visit the honor bar where expertly crafted cocktails can be poured over ice or taken up to your room. The Living Room radiates comfort and the quiet delights of leisure, offering gracious attention to detail and a place to delight in life. Here luxury takes the form of discretion and privacy; making it truly the best private hotel experience in New Orleans.

Maison de la Luz will enchant you with its Southern charm and grace.

The generous space evokes timeless Southern architecture, while detailed touchpoints endear a feeling of intimacy, signaling a residential home. The Breakfast Room is a high-ceilinged room reminiscent of the classic French stylings of Southern parlor rooms. From the timeless Chinoiserie blue hues to the custom scalloped table edges, the space is permeated with the freedom of time. The private hotel experience at Maison de la Luz is imbued with elements of luxury, grace and a bit of rebellion, extending the pleasures of New Orleans in a relaxed and elevated environment for discerning travelers.

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Maison de la Luz is the perfect private hotel experience to discover the magic of New Orleans. For more inspiration, follow us on Instagram @maisondelaluz.